Traditional Kolhapuri Chappals have a history of their own, which is more than 400 years in the making. They are worn by one and all, The Maharaja of Kolhapur and even The Rural folks alike. They are comfortable, they are hardy, and they are aesthetically designed, they are long lasting yet present a sense of premiumness to the feet, they look arrogant yet they are humble. They are our Traditional Kolhapuri Chappals.It takes upto 6 weeks to put together a pair of Traditional Kolhapuris. What had started as a set of footwear made from wood pieces joined together, like the ones worn by Sadhus, they have evolved over time where tanned leather is used to make and design these Traditional Kolhapuris. What adds up to the time is the intense labour which goes into designing a pair of these sandals.

The Traditional Kolhapuri Footwear was also referred by different names depending upon the place where they were manufactured like Kapashi, Paytaan, Kachkadi, Pukari and Bakkalnali. Though they were widely used from the 18 th century onwards, yet a wide spread acceptance was missing. In the mid 70s and early 80s, some popular Bollywood and Regional Movies made use of these Traditional Kolhapuris, where the lead actors or the main actors were featured wearing them. This set a rage about these sandals in India in the mid 70s to early 90s. Even during the Hippis Movement in the US, it was quite a rage in the 70s. In July 2019 Kolhapuri chappals got a geographical indication tag from the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks.


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